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Linear Palmetta

Linear palmetta system

This is the traditional planting method, that is performed to trees of great growth- expansion that satisfactorily initiate their fruit bearing on the 4th year. On the two first years of the farm, the trees must develop, having the best fertilizing and irrigation conditions. On the third year, during the fruit formation, emphasis is placed on the pruning which leads to the creation of the bearing fruit zone. The linear system has been used on a wide scale over the past 25 years in Greece, as a consequence not only of the aquired knowledge of that time but also of the low installation cost- from the plant material aspect. That cost, though, was gradually increased on the following 3-4 years, based on the high production cost, on the tree cultivation cost and on the shortage of the trading fruit during the first years of the cultivar. The cost of the linear palmetta (foundation posts-stakes, wire or Bayco) does not differ from the other 2 methods already mentioned.

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