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Cord- Kordoni

Cord- Kordoni (Super- dense)

The creation of a fence made by apple or pear trees is the first task of the cultivator. The left out spaces vary from 3 to 3,5 m between the lines and 0,60 m on the line. In this occasion the M9 rootstock is the only option for all the varieties, apart from those of very low production, like Red Kan- which is advised to be planted with a M26 rootstock. The installation of anti- hail nets for the sun protection of the fruit from burns, is thought necessary. In this method the young saplings do not need to have rear ramifications, just subtle brances all the way, that we keep, with various pruning techniques, on the tree trunk, so as to bear fruit every year at a certain pace and according to the way of renewal.

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