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Cypress- kiparissi-Fuseto

Cypress - Kiparissi( Fuseto)

The trees are planted with a space of 3,5m in between the lines and from 1 to 1,25m on the line depending on the variety and the history of the farm. The rootstocks used, depend on the variety that we would like to cultivate. Therefore, in the variety group of Red Delicious, Red Cap etc we use the M26 stock. For the apple varieties Gala, Golden, Johnaprince and Fuji KIKU the use of the M9 rootstock is obligatory. The combination of M9 with a Red Delicious variety, would be best advisable to be avoided on the little cypress (kiparissaki- fuseto) because of the danger of fruit  sunburns, particularly if there is not anti hailing net on the farm. The previous combination, is also not recommended in a replanted apple orchard, as there will be a decrease on the development. For an installation of this kind, the planting materials should be characterised by the oblique- sidelong sprout development, which depends considerable on the variety and on the costumary development. These applications, though, must be established as they determine the development of the first year and the fruit bearing of the second year, too. In order to achieve a reduction on the production cost while producing fruit of high quality, the uniformity of the trees is very essential.

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