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Poultsidis Nurseries

The beginning of the Poultsidis Nurseries goes back in time in the year of 1964. The founder Ioannis Poultsidis, who was at that time an apple and peach cultivator, after spotting the weaknesses of his fellow colleagues, wanted to create a sapling nursery producing all fruit trees but mostly peach trees. As the years went by, the nursery has been developed into a nursing unit of such a vast extent in the Greek region, with loyal friends and customers in the whole argicultural field.

In 1997 the leadership was passed into the capable hands of the current owner and a technologist- agronomist in occupation, Poultsidis Georgios.

The first change, concerning the  producing sector, which was brought forward was the specialization of two types of fruit trees. These fruit bearing trees aimed at, were initally the pear tree and in consequence the apple tree. Our second priority was and still remains, the localization of the problems associated with the cultivation in our country, as well as the pinpointing of any new remarkable apple and peach varieties.

Our  third concern is the evaluation of the farming techniques and the discovery of a more appropriate and efficient planting method, always bearing in mind the cultivator's best interest.

The 3 targets of our company were accomblished in the best possible way, so the year of 2008 found us even more capable and prepared to offer high standard multiplicative sapling apple and peach materials to the Greek tree cultivator.

 In the village of Monospita in 2006 a modern storage facility of 1000m2 was constructed exclusively as to preserve the saplings during the cold winter months. Therefore, after been uprooted and palleted, the plants are preserved in a controlled and safe environment of artificial cloudiness, ensuring in this way the conditions of the atmosphere humidity at 99% and the temperature at 3 0C. This is the ideal environment, not been affected by bad weather conditions like frost, drought etc, which quarantees the excellent preservation of the plants.

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