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Apple tree

The apple tree is considered to be one of the most important fruit trees in Greece. It is cultivated on a large scale in semi mountainous, mountainous areas as well as in areas of low altitude. The annual production on the past three years  steadily ammounts  to 260.000 tones. The varieties of the Red Delicious group, with proud representative the variety Redchief come first, dominate. Over the last 15 years it has replaced the long standing, former varieties of Starking and Starkimson. The fruit of the Red Delicious group is very eye appealing, red depending on the clone and the area but it does not have particular characteristics on taste on crispiness-crunchiness and on the after picking behaviour. Its external appearence is, what makes the difference on the preference of the buying market. Over the past few years many variations of the Red Delicious have appeared like the varieties Red Cap, Redchief Camspur, Superchief and more. The second most popular variety is the Golden Delicious with its variations, followed by Granny Smith, the group of the Gala and Johnagold variety and finally the Fuji KIKU.

In Europe this data differs, as the preferences of the buying market are affected more by the main characteristics of the apple and less by its appearence. Therefore in the first place of production and consumption we find Golden Delicious, then Gala, Breauburn, Johnagold, Idared and last but not least Red Delicious and Fuji. During the previous years the creation of different clubs -connected to the variety, is frequent in an international level. In other words, a company that produces a certain apple variety can legally bind a logo, on the name of which not only all the products of this particular variety are transported  but also its sales campaign is based on. In most companies the distribution of the produced product is final and irreversible, to the parent company, for all the duration of the existance of the farm. This example applies to the Pink Lady company and its Gripps Lady fruit variety. On the other hand, there are companies which give the option of choice to the farmer i.e. KIKU Ltd company. The Greek representative is KIKU Hellas which legally binds the cultivator of the Fuji KIKU (Brak) and Fuji KIKU Fubrax varieties with contracts of optional time duration. For further information you can visit the specific website on this site.



KIKU Hellas

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